One Red Hazelnut: Live Your Life With Passion, Purpose & Soul

Live Your Life with Passion, Purpose & Soul…

When you bring the wisdom, clarity and creativity of your soul-self into your work, your relationships and your everyday life, you discover your inner potential for experiencing love, joy and wellbeing each & every day.   – read more –

Soul Mentorship

A nurturing and transformative one-on-one mentorship program which gives you the practical tools and loving guidance to unlock your inner resources of creativity, clarity and wisdom to navigate a path through the current challenges in your life with soul, joy & purpose so you can start moving towards your dreams and goals.

Mindfulness Mentorship

Practicing mindfulness simply means that you choose your path through life with awareness, harnessing the full potential of your conscious mind to make choices and take action which is in line with what you truly want to achieve and experience. It means you stop ‘going through the motions’ of your life and you start really living it.

Purposeful Joy

In this simple, down-to-earth guide, Kitt Keawwantha outlines the gentle yet powerful practice of Purposeful Joy: A practical approach to actively harness your potential for bringing authentic and loving joy to each moment.

Purposeful Joy is available now on Amazon Kindle.

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In my short time with her, Kitt gave me the tools to forgive, heal and love in ways I never thought possible. Her words and infinite love are so contagious, I will always carry her in my heart as I move forward through this journey we call life!



The gentle, intuitive and loving healing energy which Kitt uses during her sessions reminds me of fresh spring waters: pure, cleansing and soothing. I am looking forward to my next revitalizing session.



Kitt’s mindfulness course was full of practical guidelines and achievable goals. It made me feel confident that even I can follow this path and become more Mindful on a daily basis. I encourage anybody and everybody to give it a go!


South Africa

Kitt’s new book is really professional looking and well written. I now understand so much more about Mindfulness and all that goes with it. Very very informative and it really changed my day today in a very real way.



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