Kitt Keawwantha – Writer, Mentor, Healer, Mother, Anam Cara


Kitt Keawwantha is currently based in West Cork, Ireland, where she works as a writer, healer and Integrative Wellness educator. Through her individual and group mentorship programs, books and courses, she fills the role of an Anam Cara, or Soul Guide, helping people connect with their inner potential for living a life of love, joy and grace.

Kitt helps you see the subtle and interconnected nature of your current situations – of your health and well-being, your relationships, your career.  Through the insights gained from her long experiencing studying the healing arts of various traditions and cultures, combined with the healing touch of her hands, heart and words, Kitt guides you towards embracing a deep and authentic connection, both with yourself and with the world around you.

Kitt works with clients both individually and in groups, in person and online; through private mentorship programs, group workshops and self-study courses. She will soon be offering Anam Wellness retreat programs in the heart of the enchanting landscape of West Cork.


Anam Cara

Anam Cara is a Celtic term, made popular in recent years after the publication of John O’Donohue’s beautiful book, ‘Anam Cara: Spiritual Wisdom From The Celtic World’. The literal translation is Soul Friend, but it may be more accurate to think of an anam cara as a Soul Guide or Soul Mentor.

In the Celtic Spiritual tradition, you are seen as much more than just the physiology of your body; your physical body is held within your Soul, which radiates out from your center, communicating with and embracing the Soul of those whom you meet and the landscapes and environments you travel through and live in. When you meet someone whom you can trust and open up to sincerely, your Soul energy flows with theirs, allowing the beauty and light of both Souls to shine.

An anam cara is able to accept you as you truly are, seeing the jewel at the center and the beauty and light which lies within. Through their friendship, compassion and loving insight, an anam cara can help you to recognize your beauty and light and acknowledge the strength and love within you to bring it forth.

The Buddhist tradition has a similar concept of friendship in the Kalyana-mitra, the Noble Friend. Your Kalyana-mitra, or anam cara, will not accept the masks and facades which you show to the world, or to yourself. They will compassionately but firmly confront your true self, opening the spaces for deeper self-knowledge and self-awareness. The honesty and clarity of an anam cara supports the true expression of your Spirit, helping and guiding you towards your full potential.

The depth and beauty of the role which an anam cara fulfills is gracefully expressed by John O’Donohue in his book,

‘Anam Cara: Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World’.

Kitt’s Training & Study

  • Planetary Herbology
  • Reiki
  • Mindfulness
  • Taoism
  • Crystal Healing
  • 5 Phase Emotional Healing
  • Raindrop Healing
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Evolutionary Astrology
  • Soul Journalling
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Classical Chinese Herbalism
  • Chakra Healing
  • Auric Balancing

New Book Out Now:

Kitt’s first full length book is now available to buy on Amazon. In this book, Kitt introduces Purposeful Joy, a term she uses to describe the practice of actively choosing the bring your conscious awareness and attention to the source of inner joy and empowered choice which resides within us all, regardless of our external situation.

Purposeful Joy provides a solid and practical introduction to the 3 Pillars of practicing Purposeful Joy each and every day, giving you a powerful approach to moving through life’s challenges with clarity, empowerment and wisdom.

Kitt’s Story So Far

Kitt left her home in Scotland after completing her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with Honors in 2001. She travelled to Asia and began her journey into the healing arts, studying Qi Gong and Taoism in South Korea.

After learning a little of the practical applications and philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she then headed to China to continue her personal research into how an alternative approach may help her with her long-standing experience of physical imbalance and feelings of dis-satisfaction.

Fate then stepped in and Kitt found herself volunteering at The Tibetan Medical School for Orphans, learning about the subtle but profound effects of meditation and meditative prayer in personal healing and growth.

After a magical and life-changing year of travel, study, teaching and discovery across the Tibetan plateau, Kitt travelled overland to Thailand where she met her husband.

After moving to Phuket in 2006, she continued her personal study of alternative healing while she worked as a teacher, writer, spa reviewer and television journalist before realizing that working with the healing arts was a passion she was being called to.

She took a position at a healing and detox retreat in Phuket as a Wellness Consultant while she studied her Reiki Healing level 1 and enrolled in a Planetary Herbology course to formalize and expand her personal study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After learning about the detox and cleansing industry, her work then took her to a small boutique day spa in the north of Phuket which specialized in bringing the luxurious and transformative experience of the Healing Arts into their spa treatments.

She worked there as Detox and Wellness Consultant whilst pursuing her study of the healing arts through an informal apprenticeship, learning Crystal Healing, Intuitive Healing, Auric Balancing, Chakra Healing, Raindrop Therapy, Astrology, Mindfulness and Reiki 2.

Kitt then took time off from work to focus on being a mother to her new son and to spend time integrating the variety of healing modalities which she has studied over the years into a powerful, practical and radiant approach to achieving and maintaining empowered whole health and wellness at every level.

Kitt now offers her transformative and empowering approach to living your life with passion and soul through individual mentorship programs, group workshops, self-study courses and her writing.

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