Celtic Roots of Halloween

The Celtic calendar contains a 13th month; a short 3 day month which spans the last 3 days of October and brings the Celtic year to an end. The 31st October is therefore the last day of the old year in the Celtic tradition and time for the festival of Samhain which has grown and morphed through the ages to become our modern Halloween festival.

A Time of Reflection and Remembrance

Traditionally, it is a time for remembering and connecting with the past and with those who came before you. It is a time to connect with the subtle energies and memories of your ancestors, both physical and Spiritual. By doing so, through meditation, quiet reflection or creative outlets such as art, dance, journalling, cooking or gardening, you can gain a richer perspective on your life, your world and the role you are playing in it. You also open yourself to receiving wisdom and blessings, not only from the past, but from ‘timelessness’, thatinterconnected part of you which is beyond time.

Learning From Your past

Samhain is also a time for recalling the ‘ghosts’ of your past-year’s karma in order to put them to rest in readiness for a new start. By ‘ghosts’, I refer to any past actions that still carry an emotional edge to them. It may be an argument you had with a friend, uncomfortable words which are longing to be expressed to a loved one or colleague, residual feelings of guilt, hurt, resentment or a dream awaiting  heal, release and transmute the wounds and hurts which we may have received or given through the year. By drawing these experiences into our consciousness and awareness, we can transform them into valuable Soul lessons which we can move through, grow from and release, thereby cleansing our Spirit in readiness for the New Year beginning on 1st November.

Setting Intentions and Clarifying Dreams

In the Celtic tradition, the New Year begins with the coming of the dark half of the year, the coming of winter. Winter is a quiet time, a time to look within. It is the quiet time of conception, that hidden side which is a necessary first step in any act of creation. In order to create the vital spark to manifest new life and new ideas, we first have to withdraw and create in our hearts and minds, through our imagination and clear intention, the idea of what we want to bring forth in the coming year. To put it more bluntly, it’s time to impregnate your future with your dreams!

How To Use This Time For Creative Reflection

Over the next few days or weeks, spend some quiet time reflecting on what you want to create or manifest over the next year. Creative and Intuitive Journalling is a great way to explore and clarify both the general theme of your hopes and dreams and the finer points of detail. Have fun and get specific – don’t worry about writing or recording a ‘mistake’. The goal behind the journalling is to explore ideas and find the one/s which keep coming to the surface and grabbing your attention, passion and energy.

Once you find some clarity on what you want to manifest, give your dream or idea some time to ‘solidify’ energetically before you tell the world about it. Let it sit quietly in your mind while you feed it your positive energy and belief and allow the Universe to create the right time for the idea to start materializing in the physical world. Remember, each creation needs that quiet time to grow with-in before it can blossom with-out.


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