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Trees In Tibet

Trees On The Roof Of The World An Excerpt From The Diary I Kept While Living In Tibet 1st May 2003 Turns out one of the guys at English corner works for the forestry department and has been planting trees all week. They tell me the whole town has been planting trees...

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The Courageous Breath

THE COURAGEOUS BREATH is the breath of surrendering to the spontaneous and dynamic flow of life and all it brings. Your Breath Is A Mirror Of Your Life (Oh please – not that old chestnut again!) The breath serves as a common metaphor for life. You have heard it before...

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Somewhere Between

Somewhere Between Somewhere between the All-That-Is-Seen Lies a world of magic and gold, Where stories are born And worlds are formed Giving rise to all you behold. And mixed up within where it all begins Dwell the seeds of Divine contemplation, With potentials...

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How Does Reiki Work?

How Does Reiki Work? Reiki works with fundamental life energies to allow your body and mind to clear itself of stresses, both physical and non-physical. This then creates greater harmony and alignment within the body’s structure, vital processes and subtle energies....

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