An Intuitive Healing and Integrative Life Guide Session

Kitt is currently available for Soul Connection sessions in Bantry and the West Cork area, Eire.

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Soul Connection sessions offer a deeply relaxing and intuitive journey of subtle yet powerfully transformative healing.

Guided by your soul self and the patterns held within your energy body, Kitt will work together with your soul self to guide you towards the clarity and empowerment which will allow you to move forward towards your goals and dreams.

Soul Connection is a Unique Experience Individually Tailored to You

Each Soul Connection session is unique but includes:


  • Cleansing and aligning the subtle energies of the body and being;
  • Reconnecting with your inner guide and the wisdom held there;
  • Gaining clarity on why you are experiencing difficulties or challenges in life;
  • Receiving inspiration on how to move forward with your dreams and goals;
  • Interpreting the unique language of your soul self and the guidance it contains;
  • Translating this guidance into practical and achievable steps in your life.

In my short time with her, Kitt gave me the tools to forgive, heal and love in ways I never thought possible. Her words and infinite love are so contagious, I will always carry her in my heart as I move forward through this journey we call life!

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From Doubt and Uncertainty To Clarity and Confidence

Experiencing fear and doubt about taking our next step forward in life is quite natural.

But if we allow the fear and doubt to dominate our thoughts and actions, we can find our self full of confusion. This confusion and hesitation disrupts our natural flow of energy and prevents us from embracing the inner strength and will to move forward.

However, when we have the inner connection and guidance to navigate through the uncertainty and stay on track, we move steadily and positivity towards our goals.

By harnessing the creativity and guidance of your soul self within the safe and nurturing space of an intuitive healing and Soul Connection session, your fears and doubts are gently cleared, creating the space and acceptance to integrate profound and loving wisdom in those areas of your live which matter most to you.

Each Soul Connection session is 90mins and combines an intuitive blend of several healing modalities:


  • Reiki;
  • Intuitive Healing;
  • Chakra Healing;
  • Auric Balancing;
  • 5 Phases Emotional Healing;
  • Mindfulness & Meditation;
  • Crystal Healing;
  • Integrative Life Guidance.

Start channeling the wisdom and guidance of your soul today

Contact Kitt to discuss your individual circumstances and arrange your Soul Connection session: Start channeling the loving wisdom, guidance and creativity of your soul to gain the clarity needed to move forward towards a life of authentic joy and well being.

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Feeling Stuck

Soul Connection sessions are a deeply nurturing and intuitive session but at the same remain very down-to-Earth and practical.

They are ideal for anyone who is feeling ‘stuck’ in life and need the help, support and guidance to move forward and onwards.

No matter what is currently holding you back, you have everything you need within you to take back control of your choices and your direction in life.

If you want to discuss your situation with Kitt or have any questions, contact her now.

All communication with Kitt, whether by email, phone, online or in person, is considered 100% confidential and will never be shared with anyone without your permission.

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