The Power to Self Heal Is Given To You

One of the main differences between typical allopathic medicine and a more classical and holistic approach to healing, is the role in which the client plays in their own return to health.

In typical medical treatments, the power to ‘heal’ or ‘cure’, and many of the choices made during the healing process, are entirely or predominantly in the hands of the doctor or health-care practitioner.

The patient is often not consulted in major decisions but is simply told what needs to be done – ‘You need surgery’, or ‘You need to take these pills’ or ‘You just need to relax more.’

However, for real and lasting healing to occur, the choice to heal and the decisions to be made should remain in the hands of the client.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t reach out for help and support. You can and should seek the advice, skills and expertise of people who have the qualifications and experience required to help you return to health.The clients role in their own healing

However, putting the patient, or client, in the directors seat of making the decisions about their health and healing means this: There is a strong foundation of respect for the client as an individual and the inner wisdom, and ability to self-heal, which they carry within them.

It also greatly empowers the client and demands that they become an active, informed participant in their own healing journey. This empowered, pro-active role allows them to harness their power of choice.

And let’s not forget, there is always a choice – you can choose whether or not to have the surgery or to take the pills or to seek a second opinion, to accept your situation or resist and resent it.

As long as you are making an informed choice and are aware of the possible consequences of each choice; and if you have a loving, informed support group of family, friends, healers and health professionals around you to help you; you will be much more likely to choose the best path possible for you and your health.

What It Means To Self Heal and To Heal Holistically

Holistic health practitioners work with the belief that each person has the ability and wisdom to return to whole health – each of us has the inner mechanisms to cleanse, clear, rebuild and return to wholeness.

This is readily backed up by the many instances of spontaneous remissions, miraculous healings and the much more common placebo effect.

In addition to our inner ability to self-heal, each of us is equipped with a powerful inner voice which will lead us to seek the external advice, support, expertise and treatments which we need in order to support our healing.

Why We Remain Sick When We Have An Ability To Self Heal

Although we have the ability within us to self heal and return to wholeness, we don’t always do so.

Sometimes, we remain sick, even despite our best efforts to heal and feel well again.What it means to self heal

For some reason, we can prevent our self from healing – we can sabotage our own health and healing.

Why would we do that?

The reasons can be complex and are usually unconscious – most of us do not intentionally and consciously choose to remain sick, disempowered or unhappy.

However, through unconscious or sub-conscious fears, habitual mental, emotional and physical habits or through a lack of awareness in the intimate relationship between our inner world (beliefs, thoughts, emotions) and outer experience (environment, relationships, lifestyle, career), we can unintentionally keep ourselves from healing and remain stuck in a pattern of sickness, disease, imbalance or unhappiness.

So, although each of us is naturally equipped with extensive inner mechanisms which can return us to health, sometimes we need a little help in order to reconnect with and harness our inner power to self heal.

Therefore, it is not expected that you could or should embark on your healing journey alone and unaided.

Holistic Self Healing Doesn’t Mean You Have To Get Well All On Your Own

What it does mean, is that YOU should be the boss of your healing program and that YOU should be consulted and your opinions and feelings and ideas sought in every decision that needs to be made.

You should seek out the advice and support of loving friends, family and professional healers and health care practitioners to work together as an integrated and empowered team, led by you, with the single goal of seeing you back to whole health in the best and most suitable way for you.

Your Role In Your Own Healing

What this translates to in practical terms during a healing session or mentorship program with Kitt, is this:

You are ultimately in control of how, and to what extent, you will experience a transformational shift and healing.

For example:Healing with herbs

During Herbal Therapy, unless your herbals are supported in their actions by adhering to the supporting dietary and lifestyle recommendations, they will have limited effect. It is important to integrate the combined effects of herbs and diet with a positive mental attitude and therapeutic lifestyle tools which nurture the healing effects desired. Otherwise your diet and lifestyle will be working against the herbal prescriptions.

Energy Healing

During an energy healing or intuitive healing session, the mental and emotional intention of the client will greatly affect the degree to which their energy will shift, realign and heal.

It is always best to arrive early in order to have some time to be calm and settled before the treatment begins.

It is also good to have a clear intention of what you wish to achieve from the healing session, and so we will always take some time at the start of the session to talk this through and clarify it – if the client and practitioner are both focused on a clear intention which resonates with the clients wishes, then the effects will be greatly enhanced.

Likewise, if the client is hesitant or resistant then they can, either consciously or unconsciously, block the energy from causing any deep or transformational shifts.

At the end of the day, the essential energy (Qi/Ki/Prana) which is being channeled in these sessions respects your inner choice and you will only heal as deeply as you are willing or able to heal at that time.

Therefore, the more open you are to receiving, without expectation, the more profound and deep the healing effects and insights will be.

Embarking on a healing program with Kitt is always a very personal and empowering journey of self-discovery, transformation and deep healing of body, mind and soul.

Whether it is overcoming a physical ailment or gaining greater clarity in taking your next step in life, you have the power within you to make positive and practical steps towards greater harmony and health.

Everything you need to move forward in life is already within you – sometimes all it takes to harness that inner power and potential is a guiding light from someone with a different perspective.

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