Practical Mindfulness In Bantry and Coomhola – Classes, Workshops & Mentorship

Join us for our regular Mindfulness Mentorship classes and groups. There are classes available for all levels and experiences, whether you are completely new to mindfulness or already have a well-established practice.

These relaxed but informative sessions are a blend of theory and practice, offering you a chance to share your questions, gain new insights and deepen your practice.

Through these group sessions you will:

  • Establish a solid and firm foundation upon which to build and deepen your mindfulness practice;
  • Receive practical tips and support in bringing the benefits of mindfulness into all areas of your life
    – your home, relationships, career, creativity & health;
  • Explore new techniques to help you expand your practice;
  • Receive support and guidance on challenges you are having with your mindfulness practice;
  • Gain answers to your questions about mindfulness in general and, more specifically, your own practice of it.

And for beginners and those completely new to mindfulness, you will learn basic principles and practices which will allow you to start practicing mindfulness easily, each and every day.

Do you ever feel as if you are so caught up in the ‘doing’ of life, that you never seem to have time to really ‘be’ here with your full sense of joy and presence?

With the duties of work, family, children, homes, relationships, bills to pay, and all the other 101 things you have to get through on your To Do List each day, it becomes easy to lose track of time and why you are really here. Not only does mindfulness allow you to manage your day to day tasks with greater clarity and presence of mind, it also brings back that essential connection and balance which lies at the core of your being.


Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Increased stress and a mind that never rests;
  • Disturbed sleep – difficulty sleeping or overly active dreams;
  • Increased fatigue and lethargy with decreased motivation;
  • On-going or recurring health issues;
  • Increased tensions and problems in your relationships;
  • Frustrations and pressures at work;
  • Compulsive habits – comfort eating, nervous smoking, needing alcohol to relax or coffee to stimulate, etc);
  • An insatiable appetite for ‘more’ (bigger, better, faster, richer, etc);
  • A general on-going feeling of dis-satisfaction in life.
Mindfulness Mentorship in West Cork

Although mindfulness alone is not going make all these things magically disappear, it is without a doubt one of the most powerful ‘Life Tools’ we can practice to enable you to take back control of how you choose to live your life each day.

You can read more about Mindfulness in my article, ‘What Is Mindfulness?’

Harnessing Your Full Potential

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t mean you have to stop progressing through life or stop chasing your dreams. And it doesn’t mean you have to retreat from the world or the life you are currently living and building.

Practicing mindfulness simply means that you choose your path through life with awareness, harnessing the full potential of your body and mind to make choices and take action which is in line with what you truly need to achieve and experience.

It means you stop ‘going through the motions’ of your life and you start really living it.

Contact Kitt for details of how you can join us or visit our Facebook page for the latest class times and events.

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