One Red Hazelnut

One Red Hazelnut

When you harness your PASSION and discover your PURPOSE, your life becomes subtly but magically imbued with the light and presence of your SOUL self, bringing ever greater potentials for joy for yourself and the people around you.


You are not here simply to survive: you are here to thrive.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, you have the potential to create a life of love, joy and wellbeing.

This doesn’t mean that everything in your life is supposed to be easy and ‘right’. It doesn’t mean that bad things and challenges are not meant to happen.

It simply means that, no matter what your current circumstances are, or what your past may hold, you have the inner potential and power to create joy and love in your life right now.

The first step towards this is discovering what your true passion is.

When I talk about passion in this sense, I don’t mean the hunger associated with material desires. These arise in response to craving a particular experience or object in an attempt to fill an empty space within you.

Your inner passion, or soul passion, is the spark within you which is ignited when you are fulfilling your inner drives and creative expression. It is a passion which flows from a fullness of the spirit, not a hunger and emptiness.

Once you consciously acknowledge and give expression to your soul passion and inner spark, a magical transformation takes place within you:

You begin to fully acknowledge the unique, creative expression and talents of your inner nature; you connect with your soul purpose and begin to channel the power, inspiration and joy of your soul into your life, work and relationships.

Discover your soul purpose
Soul Purpose and Passion


Life is not an accident: each and every one of us has something unique to bring to the world.

Every single one of us has a purpose in being here.

That purpose may be expressed in dramatic, life changing events. Or it may be expressed in the small, private affairs of your daily life. It may affect many or it may only seem to concern your own self.

The outward appearance of how you express your purpose is of little importance. What really matters is the underlying current of that expression: The energy and emotion behind the choices you make and the actions you take.

Are you living your life and making your decisions from a place of love and abundance?

Or from a place of fear and scarcity?

Many people are afraid of the idea that they have a life purpose. They feel intimidated by the concept.

But this fear and dread comes from a misunderstanding of what it means to have a life purpose.

A life purpose is not a single task which you must sacrifice all else in order to accomplish. The purpose of life is neither sacrificial nor burdensome.

And it is not set in stone either.

Your life and soul purpose is fluid. It flows and grows and evolves as you do throughout your life. It is multi-dimensional, not one-dimensional, and can be expressed in any number of ways, according to your own creative inclinations.

Your purpose in life lies in perfect harmony with your inner spark and soul passion.

So discovering and living your life purpose is the most joyful and rewarding path you can take because it involves harnessing your greatest strengths and talents and channeling them through your inner passion.


No man is an island: Every single one of us is part of an interconnected whole.

Everything is energy, including you. And this energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

Every thought, breath, word, emotion and action you have and take, is a transformation of energy from one form to another.

Every part of your life is intimately and subtly connected to the whole of life. There is no distinction, no separation: You are part of one ever-flowing, ever-transforming interconnected whole.

This means that whatever is good for you, is good for the whole; and whatever is good for the whole is good for you.

Of course, this means that the flip side is also true – if something is NOT good for you, then it cannot be good for the whole. This simple statement can have far-reaching implications.

When you take some time to contemplate this, then you begin to realize that sacrificing your inner passions and purpose for the ‘benefit’ of others, ultimately does harm to everyone. This is because we are all interconnected. If you want to truly help others, it means offering your time, help, skills and service from a place of over-flowing fullness, rather than a self-depleting sense of martyrdom. Of course, there is always a balance to be reached; sometimes, other’s needs should take priority, and at other times your needs should take priority.

Although this must seem blaringly obvious when written down in front of you, it never fails to surprise me how many people are continually sacrificing aspects of themselves, over and over again, in order to fill a given role for someone they care about. When this continues to happen, it is to the detriment of all involved.

Reconnecting to the passions and purpose of your soul does not mean you have to give up the duties and responsibilities of your current roles in life. It just means that you bring in a little more balance to your life by allowing yourself to receive as much as you give.

When you consider the bigger picture and the eternal nature of life, you gently allow yourself the freedom to be who you truly are: To express your soul self and your soul purpose with fearless love, joy, and authenticity.

The paradox is that in realizing the essential interconnected and interdependent nature of your being, you gain the freedom and independence to channel divine inspiration and express it in ways which are unique to your own self.

Living your life with soul is channeling your inner passion through your creative purpose in ways which are filled with love and joy.

Celebrating Life

Life is not about going through the motions, ticking the right boxes and playing it safe. Life is discovering what lies deep within your heart and then celebrating it and sharing it with the world in ways which make you feel good.

Contact Kitt and learn how you can discover your passion, embrace your purpose and start living a life of soul today.

“I am excited and honored to share what I have learned, and continue to learn, with anyone who can use it, as myself and others have, to inject a little more passion, love and creative joy into their life and the world around them.

“One Red Hazelnut is a collection of some of the wisdom and inspiration I have met along my way, expressed through the perfect imperfections that are me.

“Perfection is not a static ideal waiting for us at the end of a single track road: Perfection is the living, breathing, ever-evolving expressions of the creative potential within our soul.”

Kitt Keawwantha

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