Soul Mentorship Sessions

Soul Mentorship

Soul Mentorship sessions offer a powerful online mentorship program of Integrative Life Guidance and Intuitive Energy Healing which guides you towards connecting with the wisdom, creativity and potential of your soul-self to empower you to step forward towards your dreams with clarity, confidence and joy.

Mindfulness Mentorship Sessions

Mindfulness Mentorship

Individual online mentorship and guidance in establishing, maintaining and developing an authentic and practical approach to mindfulness for beginners and those with experience, guiding you towards integrating a meaningful mindfulness practice into each aspect of your life and work.

Summary of The Differences Between A Life Coach and A Mentor:

Usually a short-term relationship with the client. Generally develops into a longer-term relationship of support and guidance.
Specific – great at solving specific issues; health coach, relationship coach, business coach, etc Integrated – guide and support the client along their chosen path.
Experts in a specific area of life. Experts at integrating each area of life experience.
Focuses on specific shorter-term problems and challenges. Takes a broader, more long-term view of the client and their life.
Transmits knowledge and teaches you how to overcome a specific challenge. Teaches you skills and guides you towards developing your own solution to challenges.
Passes on knowledge. Passes on experience.
The aim is to develop key skills and knowledge. The aim is to develop the overall self.

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