Somewhere Between

Somewhere between the All-That-Is-Seen
Lies a world of magic and gold,
Where stories are born
And worlds are formed
Giving rise to all you behold.

And mixed up within where it all begins
Dwell the seeds of Divine contemplation,
With potentials unbidden
And forms still hidden
Awaiting their dance of creation.

If you wish to unravel this primordial babble
For a glimpse of your true-self to see,
Then come on along
Back to where you belong
For here bides the All-That-Could-Be.

Somewhere Between, a poem

But how, you may wonder, can you come wander
Through this Divine mystery?
Well lets begin
By looking within
For clues to deciphering Thee.

First, take some time to quiet your mind.
Let your breath and your heart be still too.
For between the flow of the come and the go
A whisper of wisdom spills through.

But before we go there’s something to know
About the journey which lies up ahead,
For it’s true you may find
In the depths of your mind
Terrors and demons to dread.

But tis also no lie, with wisdom as your guide,
Demons become angels in place.
And the shadows that haunt you
And terrors that taunt you
Give way to love, wonder and grace.

For dwelling beneath the surface in some secret safe place
Lies a treasure your destined to find.
For an ocean you are
Stretching deep and far
With Divinity riding the waves.

So dive right in and learn how to swim
With the currents of shadow and light.
For the descent into madness
Can lead to great gladness
As you spread your new wings and take flight.

So come along for the ride, there’s nowhere to hide,
It’s better to make some preparation.
For whatever you try
To ignore or deny
Will be waiting at your next destination.


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