Soul Mentorship - Online Mentorship to Channel the Wisdom of your Soul into Your Life

Nurturing An Authentic and Empowered Connection To Your Inner Soul Guide

Kitt offers a nurturing and transformative soul mentorship program which nurtures your ability to unlock your inner resources of creativity, clarity and wisdom to navigate a path through life with soul, joy & purpose.

Through this nurturing and empowering soul mentorship program, you can:

  • Achieve clarity and perspective on the current circumstances and challenges in your life.
  • Identify the symbolic nature of life events and what they personally mean to you.
  • Unlock the wisdom being communicated through the symptoms you may be experiencing within your biology, your being, and your life.
  • Nurture a rich and clear connection to your authentic self, your passions and your dreams.
  • Make the subtle yet profound transformation from being a ‘pawn of life’ to becoming an empowered and conscious co-creator of your world.

There come times in our life when we realize that the lifestyle and approaches we have taken up to now are no longer serving us as well as they used to.

The accumulating signs which are signaling that something is out of alignment can come in many different guises.

Signs & Symptoms Include:

  • Decreased energy & motivation
  • Failing health or the onset of dis-ease
  • Emotional instability
  • Depression
  • Increased stress
  • Lack of fulfillment at work
  • Making poor health choices (usually against our better judgment!)
  • Relationship struggles or dis-satisfactions
  • Increased frustration &/or anxiety
  • Or just a general feeling of something missing from our life.
Soul Guide

When we scratch beneath the surface though, the message is clear: Something needs to change.

Exactly how that change needs to unfold, however, may not always be clear to us. It can be a case of not seeing the forest for the trees – sometimes we can be so close to a situation that we are unable to see the bigger picture of what we are really dealing with.

Soul Guide Mentorship

A Guiding Hand from Your Inner Soul Guide

What is needed at these times is a guiding hand, not to give you the answers and lead you in the right direction;

but a guiding hand which can:

  • Help you step back and gain the perspective needed to assess your situation with clarity;
  • Give you the practical tools to connect with your own inner system of wisdom and guidance;
  • Provide the support and energy to foster your confidence and strengthen your trust and courage to act on your own wisdom and guidance.

As we grow through life, we, as an individual, grow and change. Our needs and requirements change, and so do our expectations, resources and interests.

So it only makes sense that our lifestyle and our approach to life should also grow and evolve in order to adapt to the changes occurring within us.

Kitt Keawwantha:

“My role as Soul Mentor differs from a typical Life Coach or Wellness Consultant. Our goal in working together is not for me to transmit knowledge and give solutions to your personal circumstances.

“Rather, it is to guide you towards recognizing your own inner source of clarity, creativity and wisdom. My role is to guide and empower you so that you can find the best solution to your unique situation.”

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