Kitt’s new book is really professional looking and well written. I now understand so much more about mindfulness and all that goes with it. Very, very informative and it really changed my day today in a very real way.



Prior to my session with Kitt I was feeling very low on energy and unmotivated. The session its self was amazingly relaxing and within minutes of starting I felt my body begin to unblock. It wasn’t just the physical effects I noted either; my mood had also definitely lightened and I went on to have the bests night’s sleep I’d had in a long time. I would definitely recommend Kitt as practitioner and look forward to having more sessions with her in the future.



I was recommended to Kitt by a dear friend and I was intrigued and inspired by the work that she is doing even before I met her. Meeting Kitt in person puts me in total comfort and ease. Her gentle, intuitive and loving healing energy coupled with the crystals she uses during our sessions reminds me of the naturopathic effects of spring waters: pure, cleansing and soothing. I am looking forward to my next revitalizing session.



Fantastic! So lucky to have Kitt come into my life and help with some redirection of blocked energy. Have noticed reduced anxiety and more flow with life. Thank you.



REALLY enjoyed that talk – you know your stuff woman! Fantastic. And really useful for me, not just to learn new things (lots of them!) but also these type of talks and events are really good to remind me to look after my health and try to stay balanced. We’re very lucky to have you here with your knowledge and fine speaking!



Kitt is a wonderful healer – she makes me feel completely at ease and the sessions always have a strong effect on me. Afterwards, her calm and soothing presence makes me feel totally safe – I think she’s the ideal therapist for cynics and believers alike! She has always helped me to find the answers I need, or to see something in me that I wasn’t looking at before.


S. Africa

I got to experience 2 sessions with Kitt. Both gave me a strong reaction and I felt lighter throughout the day on my chest which was where I was blocked. All feedback from her was related to exactly how I was feeling! Would recommend for emotional balance.



Kitt’s mindfulness course was full of practical guidelines and achievable goals. It made me feel confident that even I can follow this path and become more mindful on a daily basis. I encourage anybody and everybody to give it a go!


S. Africa

My healing and life experience with Kitt: I have known Kitt for many years. In this time she has developed from a student of the healing arts to a wise, authentic healer using a true spirit of clarity and love. The guidance which pours through her clearly gives precise direction. Her healings have aligned my centers and I have felt a strong connection to universal life force energy.


N. Zealand

In my short time with her, Kitt gave me the tools to forgive, heal and love in ways I never thought possible. Her words and infinite love are so contagious; I will always carry her in my heart as I move forward through this journey we call life!



I really enjoyed my sessions with Kitt. I like how honest she is and her relaxed way of explaining that all is ok and things happen as it should to direct you to change. I feel more relaxed around her. She is very talented and it’s easy to trust what she says – it makes sense. She is very good at what she does. Thank you!


S. Africa

I had my first session with Kitt and didn’t really know what to expect. The session was great! I came out of it totally relaxed and calm – and I don’t know exactly what she did to achieve this but whatever it was I will definitely be doing it again.



I chose for a 1:1 session with Kitt to talk about food, nutrition, a balanced diet and whole lot more and it was very satisfying! She is so knowledgeable and by talking about food with her I got so much insight in everything related to food, which I think I will benefit from a lot going forward.



I have had several sessions with Kitt now and each time I have left the sessions feeling happier, lighter and generally more positive than when I went in. Kitt is very down to Earth and makes you feel very relaxed and safe. The feedback that she has given me after our sessions has been spot on every time and I would highly recommend her.



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