What Is Soul Healing?

You will no doubt have heard of life coaches, lifestyle consultants and well being mentors. But what is a Soul Mentor? What is Soul Healing?

Soul Healing is a subtle blend of intuitive healing and psycho-spiritual guidance with the focus on bringing you back into alignment with your authentic self; your higher self or soul-self.

When you connect with your soul self, you gain the perspective, insights and confidence to move through areas of frustration or pain with clarity and empowerment.

You are then able to consciously direct your life towards your dreams and goals so that you can start living a life of authentic joy and creativity.

Your soul self is an eternal source of wisdom and creativity. When you consciously connect to this inner source of guidance and inspiration, you become an empowered co-creator of your life path.

A Journey Through LifeSoul Healing: A Journey Through Life

Our path through life is guaranteed to be a journey of growth and discovery.

Each and every day offers a wealth of experiences which can serve as lessons, signposts and choices to help us develop. Every experience in life can help us evolve and expand, both as individuals and as part of the collective.

Some of these life lessons along the way are filled with joy and love and we integrate these experiences into our psyche and spirit with ease. The process is often so natural and readily accepted that we scarcely notice the inner transformation taking place.

However, other experiences can be harder to work through.

They may be uncomfortable or downright painful; physically, mentally or emotionally. Or they may bring us face-to-face with difficult choices which we feel we are not ready or able to act upon.

Out-Growing Old Beliefs and Habits

Sometimes, certain experiences in our life reveal particular beliefs or habits which are no longer serving us in positive ways.

As we move through our life, it is only natural that we will outgrow some of our old beliefs or habits, and it is a positive sign that we are continuing to expand our knowledge and experience.

Continually re-evaluating our life to see if it still accurately represents the new and expanded individual we are becoming should be a basic life skill.

Doing so is simply an act of updating our inner biography (our thoughts, beliefs and views), and our outward expression (our lifestyle, relationships, careers, etc), to come into alignment with the emerging wisdom and dreams of our innermost nature.

In energetic terms, it means bringing the sub-conscious energies of our body and psyche into alignment with our conscious dreams and visions.

When we fail to bring our inner biography or our lifestyle into alignment with our ever-growing inner-self, they work to hold us back. They then limit our ability to fully engage our potential and embrace a life of joy, creativity and purpose.

Change Is The Only Constant.What Is Soul Healing?

Change is inescapable.

But despite the fundamental need to welcome change into our life and find positive ways to work with it, we can often find that we try to hold on to our past frame of reference.

Sometimes, even when we readily accept the coming changes and feel an eagerness to move forwards in life, we can find it hard to let go of certain parts of our current life.

Although change is always a beneficial influence in the grander scheme of our life, it can sometimes be an uncomfortable process.

A Guiding Hand

At these times, we can greatly benefit from the guiding support and wisdom of someone who is able to help us gain a clearer perspective and help us move through the resistance, confusion and pain which often accompanies the winds of change.

Each of us already has everything we need within us to move through life with success and happiness: Sometimes though, we just need a guiding hand to help us remember and re-connect with our true potential for growth, creativity and joy.

What Is Soul Healing With Kitt?

A Unique Combination

Through a unique combination of restorative energy healing and intuitive soul guidance consultations, Kitt offers a nurturing and deeply transformative approach to soul healing.

Kitt’s online Soul Mentorship and in-person Soul Connection sessions work by channeling the loving wisdom and integrated perspective of your own soul into the light of your conscious mind and daily life to bring the clarity and healing needed to embrace a life of empowered choice and purposeful joy.Kitt Keawwantha

“My role as a soul mentor and guide is not to fix or heal: It is simply to guide you towards an authentic and loving connection with your own inner well of wisdom, healing and guidance which is a natural part of your soul.”

Kitt Keawwantha

During the session, you will look at your current challenges and dreams from an integrated and holistic soul-perspective, rather than from the fear-based survival view of the ego-perspective.

Over the course of the program, you will:

  • Discuss the main areas of your life with which you are seeking clarity, healing and/or expansion, with compassion, understanding and confidentiality.
  • Translate the symbolic nature of events, energies and archetypal influences which are at work within your body, your psyche and your life, into practical, loving guidance.
  • Learn simple, everyday Life Skills which you can start using immediately to begin tuning in to and nurturing your inner voice of wisdom and guidance.
  • Transform fears, doubts or frustrations, about moving forward to a new chapter in life into powerful allies to support your dreams and desire for positive change.
  • Receive energetic and vibrational support through intuitive energy healing to help integrate the process of change more comfortably and sustainably.

The Benefit Of Energy Work

The addition of the intuitive energy healing allows Kitt to work directly with the non-physical energies of your body, being and life.

It supports the process of transformation and positive change by by-passing the often rigid structures of the subconscious mind and physical body, to work in direct partnership with your soul-self.

Through this work, Kitt gently re-directs your core life energies in ways which better support and nurture the changes you want to manifest.

Working at the energetic level nurtures a deeper and more rapid process of transformation, whilst helping to remove much of the resistance which can make change so uncomfortable.

It facilitates this by integrating heart, mind and body and bringing their energies into alignment with the energy of your soul-self and spirit.

Transformation At Every Level:What Is Soul Healing? Body-Mind-Heart-Soul

  • MIND – The consultations allow you to working through the mind, giving you the ability to understand and rationalize an experience and the context of it with in the greater scheme of your life.
  • HEART – The life skills which you will learn allow you to work through the heart, giving you the ability to translate, process and heal the emotions of an experience.
  • BODY – The lifestyle recommendations allow you to work through the physical body, releasing the ingrained sub-conscious and/or physical patterns which keep re-directing you back into the old habits and patterns.
  • SPIRIT – The energy healing works directly with your spirit to integrate all 3 levels of work and bring them into alignment with the core energies and voice of your inner most nature.


Who Is Soul Healing For?

Do you ever feel ‘stuck’ in a particular area of your life?

You know that something needs to change – you may even know what it is that needs to change – but you don’t quite know how to move forward and make those changes effective and sustainable.

It may be frustrations at work, disharmony within a relationship, or on-going poor health. Or you may simply have a feeling of ‘lack’ and dis-satisfaction in life.

Whatever the problem is, there is always a way forward:

No matter what your current situation is, or what your past holds, this is true:

  • You have the potential within you start living a life of joy and success right now;
  • You have everything you need to take control of your choices and start moving towards your dreams and goals.

Why We Sometimes Need HelpWhat Is Soul Healing - Empowered Living

Every single one of us has the inner wisdom and guidance to move our life, our health, our career and our relationships in the right direction.

Sometimes though, we can’t see the wood for the trees: Sometimes, we are just too close to a situation to see our way through it clearly.

Sometimes, we have become so disconnected to our true self, that we can’t summon the wisdom, clarity or confidence to navigate the next step of our journey.

At these times, the only way forward is to take a step back.

When you step back and learn how to re-connect with your inner wisdom, you gain the clarity and insights needed to move forward.

What You Will Receive

When you book your Soul Mentorship or Soul Connection sessions with Kitt, she gives you the support, tools and guidance needed to re-connect with your inner voice of guidance.

Through the unique perspective gained by tuning in to your soul-self and the wisdom held there, she can help you see where you are being held back and what is needed to start moving forward.

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